Save the dates:

Aug. 7, 8 & 9

The parade will take place on Saturday the 8th and we'll be releasing further details on what we've got planned in early 2020.
About Bermuda Pride 2020
Bermuda Pride returns for its second year in August 2020 and is timed to celebrate the anniversary of the amendment to the Human Rights Act that extended protection from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Whilst this protection has proved to be a catalyst of change and has positively affected many people, the direct beneficiaries of that change have been lesbian, gay and bisexual. We recognize that our community is far more diverse than that. The goal of this year's celebration is to look back and honor the work done to achieve the Human Rights Act amendment and the monumental steps that have been taken towards equality since then. We also wish to recognize the huge need to continue working to make Bermuda a welcoming place for all, including Bermuda's trans, intersex, and gender non conforming people, as well as all those that are part of the broader LGBTQI+ spectrum who are forced to remain invisible. There remains a lot of work to do to achieve LGBTQI+ equality. Bermuda Pride 2020 celebrates the achievements we've made, honors those who've made those achievements a reality, and seeks to sensitize us all the work still to be done to ensure everyone of us, regardless of our sexual orientation, race, belief, gender, sex, or background, can walk the island with dignity. Every one of us together makes Bermuda Pride.
Interested in organising events around, or getting involved in, #BermudaPride2020? Just send an email using the form below with further details and we'll be in touch.


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